Egg Donors in Maryland

There are many egg donation agencies in Maryland and around the Baltimore area. One of the biggest egg donation agencies in Maryland has pioneered a successful online database of egg donors. These are not just egg donors from Maryland but from all over the states buy donor eggs. Becoming an egg donor involves a physical and psychological screening process and several doctor checkups. Then medication has to be taken in repeatedly, hormones that change your ovulatory rhythm to synchronize you with the receiver of your eggs.

Generally people who will be receiving the eggs, or are looking for an egg donor, are called intended parents are in online forums referred to as “IPs”. If you live outside of Maryland many egg donation agencies will pay for your transportation and accommodation if you meet their criteria, additionally to the financial compensation that you can expect. Specially if you meet specific criteria – like studying or having visit an Ivy League university, having conceived a healthy child in the past, or being part of a high-in demand ethnic minority – it might really be worth to contact and compare different egg donation agencies, as some will be willing to compensate you a lot better than others. I’m not saying that you should base your decision solely on who’s paying more, but most people factor in how much “egg donation money” they will get. After all, your first concern should always be safety and reliability. A good, long track record and a long list of satisfied customers is a good sign.