Pros and Cons of Different Breast Implants

Breast Enlargement Surgery, or breast augmentation, is a minimally invasive medical procedure that involves enlarging the breasts by inserting a saline or silicone gel breast augmentation canberra. An incision is made in the bottom crease of the breast. The breast implant is inserted through the incision and placed under the breast tissue. The incision is then closed with stitches. When considering breast enlargement surgery, one should be aware of the pros and cons of each breast implant.

Saline Implants: This type of implant is a sac that is filled with saline (sterile salt water.) Saline is filled in the implant for the specific determined size of the breast. There are three types of breast implants that include pre-filled implants without a valve, pre-filled implant but with a valve, and a pre-filled implant with a valve that can be used for future adjustments. If a saline-filled implant leaks or ruptures, it will not be a danger because saline can be absorbed by the body and will be eliminated from the body safely. A major benefit of a saline implant is that there is little obstruction when undergoing a mammoplasty. They can also be filled to be soft and natural in appearance. Saline implants will often need to be refilled to keep them maintained. As well, after many years of being worn, the implants may have to be replaced. It may also affect the amount of breast milk that is produced. Saline implants will result in less scarring than silicone implants because saline implants provide a valve for filling and refilling so the incisions are much smaller than silicone gel implants.

Silicone Implants: This type of implant involves filling a sac with silicone. Many women have reported that silicone implants feel and look more natural, and even bustier. As well, with these implants don’t create wrinkles in the creases of the breast. If a silicone implant ruptures or breaks the leak remains trapped within the breast so it does not get absorbed into the body. If an implant leaks, there can be infections or irritations in the breast. It can result in further surgery. Silicone implants cost more than saline, and are not life lasting. With silicone implants, one will have to get an MRI every couple of years to check for ruptures. Replacing a silicone implant is normally a more involved procedure than replacing a saline implant. For both implants, sometimes scar tissue can form around the breast implant which can thicken and become sore. Over all, both implants are safe with few side effects. They also come in a variety of shapes that will match each person’s individual needs. Breast augmentation is a great method of improving the shapeliness and size of the breasts. It is important to be aware of all aspects of the procedure, including the types of implants, to make sure you make the best decision that meets your individual needs. To determine which implant is best for you, you should consult with your doctor or a breast augmentation specialist.